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Host your Party/Event at the Essentia Duluth Heritage Center

Birthday Party

Team Party 

School Field Trip 

Graduation Party

Family Reunion

Business Retreat

Corporate Party Event 


We have done it all and look forward to working with your group!  See below for details or email us for more information.


What You Should Know/Details 

All you will need to do is schedule the date, time and send out the invitations.  The kids will have a blast on the ice or the turf!  You can bring in cake and food for your party after in the warming house above Sill arena.

Our Rates 

Skating Party 

$275 Winter hours - $225 Summer hours

 - 1 hour of ICE

 - 2 hour party in our Warming House above Sill Arena

 - Skating, Broomball, Hockey on the ice!

Turf Party

- $120 ½ Turf - $145 for full Turf

- Turf parties are only offered in the spring & summer

- (Late March – September 1st)

 - 1 hour of Turf and a 2-hour party in our Warming House above Sill Arena

  - Soccer, Football, Frisbee, Whiffle Ball, Kickball on the Turf!

Additional Options:

$30 for the use of our equipment

(Flag Football, Soccer, Lacrosse, Dodgeball, Whiffle Ball, Kick Ball, Floor Hockey, broomball etc.)

$60 per hour for use of our equipment and on of our coaches to organize games and wear your kids out. (Highly Recommended)

$135 we will provide pizza, cake and drink for up to 20 people.


Call Annette to Reserve


120 S 30th Ave W

Duluth, MN 55806


Birthday Party Fun at Sill Arena

School Field Trips at the Heritage!


The Heritage Sports Camp will guarantee good weather for your field trip on the turf and ice at Heritage.  The coaches can handle groups sizes up to 100.  You will arrive in the am for games on the turf. Lunch at Clyde or we will set up tables for your bag lunches.  After lunch you will head back to the ice and turf for more fun!

This will be the easiest field trip that you have organized!

 Our coaches do everything!

$12 per student!

$17 includes pizza and drink buffet at Clyde Iron Works!


Contact Darrell for more information:


Pizza and Drink Buffet at Clyde!

Pizza and Drink Buffet at Clyde

Bag lunch in Guiliani Hall!

Bag lunch in Guilianni Hall


The summer is not the only time you can plan an event. Spring brings many options as well, when the kids are still in school and before the family vacation season starts. While the local weather is unreliable during these months, we offer guaranteed sunshine, green grass and 75 degree weather inside our Seitz Arena, with ample space to host up to 500 adults and kids in a family picnic atmosphere. Better yet...we do all the work!

From planning fun activities for both kids & adults to competitive adult games for internal company bragging rights to your choice of picnic food, we handle it all.

You may choose from a variety of field activities like youth races, dodge ball, soccer, football and others, all managed by our youth-oriented staff. We can also arrange for inflatable games for the very young.

For those who prefer winter activities, we offer skating for the whole family and, for those with a competitive spirit, we provide racing trikes on ice, including the required safety equipment so that even youth may safely participate in these activities. And we're not done yet!

A picnic isn't a picnic without good food and beverages and we have a menu with a wide of choices, all freshly catered by the Clyde Iron Restaurant.

Don't give up on company picnics just because your associates don't want to give up their summer family activities. Plan a picnic during the "blah" weather of early April & May and you'll be pleasantly surprised how many will show up...leave with smiles from having fun & being well fed...and, on their first day back at work,  start looking forward to next year!

     Contact Brady for more information: