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The mural honoring Duluth Cathedral's hockey program was installed on Thursday, Oct. 12, 2017, completing the display for Duluth's five original high schools. Duluth Cathedral discontinued classes in after the 1986-87 school year.

The 1962 Longview Midget team takes its rightful place on the Heritage Wall Of Champions. The team almost had a national championship to its credit, finishing second in the national midget tournament

EDHC Men's League

Welcome Back, 
We are excited for the season to begin.  

November 12 will start the league season.

Registration is now open. 

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Denfeld Hockey Head Coach Dale Jago

     September 8, 2017
    It's now official! After several weeks of speculation among the local hockey community, Dale Jago, an assistant coach on the Duluth Marshall Hilltopper staff, will become the new head coach of the Denfeld boys hockey program. He succeeds Kevin Smalley, who left after last season to become the head coach for the Cloquet-Esko-Carlton Lumberjacks.
     Coach Jago was a standout defenseman at UMD, He was also a member of the Canadian National Hockey team and spent 10 years playing professional hockey abroad, retiring from the sport in 2000.
     We at the EDHC extend a hearty welcome to Coach Jago and his staff. We're looking forward to working with you for the seasons to come. 


August 7, 2017
     The pairings for the 2017 Heritage Tier 1 Hockey Showcase are set.   This year's showcase will be limited to the 18U classification only, and has the makings of a Can-Am event. Three of the six entrants are Canadian...the Notre Dame (Sask) Argos, the Sudbury Nickel Wolves, the Thunder Bay Kings. Shattuck-St. Mary's,  Team Copper Country and the Northern Wings are the USA contingent.
     After the schedules were set by the Tier 1 Elite League and the North American Premiere Hockey League, those 16U teams that typically made the trip to Duluth were unable to do so.
     Please click on the "Tournaments" tab for the schedule. 


     Stewart's/TBonz continued their winning ways by defeating Beacon's Bar 6-5 to win the league's playoff championship. "StewBonz" also won the league's regular season championship with a record of 14-1. Crisper's Bar won the consolation championship with a 5-2 win over Pabst Blue Ribbon.
    For photos and additional information, please go to  "Programs/Camps", then to "Hockey & Leagues".


The Duluth Northern Stars in action against Mound-Westonka, with the team identification sign & bench sponsor's banner displayed.

     Thanks to a promotional investment by Whole Foods Co-op, Duluth's high school hockey teams now truly have a "home team" bench. When Duluth East played Minnetonka on Saturday, Jan, 7, the team's players bench displayed a sign that highlighted the school's name & logo. There is now a sign for each high school team that will be displayed behind the bench when the team is in action.
     Whole Foods Co-op recently became the sponsor for the signs to place special emphasis on having a home rink advantage"for the teams. While it's unlikely that anyone was confused as to which team was which, having the team's name on the bench is like  each team having its own identity. 
     "With three high school teams sharing the rink, it's always been challenging to have an individual identity for each one," commented EDHC's Community Relations Associate Ken Kolquist. "When the folks from Whole Foods Co-op selected us as a business promotional partner, they were attracted by the home team bench and helped us find a solution. We're very proud to have  the Whole Foods Co-op on board."


Youth from North Star Academy enjoy the ice in Sill Arena

     Recently, it seems as though ice skating has become a popular choice for both physical exercise and classroom diversion for elementary school students. 
     On November 23, the 1st grade class from Piedmont Elementary got the chance to don skates and burn off some energy. On December 19, approximately 300 youth from North Star Academy's grades K thru 2  took to the ice, many of them for the first time, followed on December 20 by the 3rd grade classes from Lester Park Elementary. 
     According to EDHC's Administrative Assistant Shari Olson, it's been a win-win situation for both the kids and the EDHC. The ice availability during the school day affords an economical opportunity for the kids, while enabling the schools to supplement their needs to provide more physical activities to their daily regimen. Ice skates  for those not having them are made available through cooperation with the City of Duluth Parks & Recreation Department. 
     For more information on how to schedule skating opportunities for elementary school children, contact Ken at 218-464-1711, ext. 104 or by e-mail at


A "First Timer" gets a skating assist from one of the 60 UMD athletes on hand for the party

       On Tuesday, December 6, over 150 youth & their familes from Laura MacArthur school and their K.E.Y Zone program gathered in Seitz Arena to interact with 60 men & women athletes from UMD, including UMD's mascot, Champ,  for a skating/pizza party.
        Volunteers from UMD's various athletic programs helped the kids lace up their skates and then aided the "first timers" to make their way around the ice. After skating, the entire group traveled over to the Clyde Iron Restaurant for pizza & refreshment. 
         The skating party was made possible through a collaboration of the City of Duluth Parks & Recreational Department, who provided the skates, and the Duluth Heritage Sports Center Foundation, who made the ice available. 
        Judging from the smiles on the faces of the youth, the adults and the athletes, it was a memorable event for all. 


    On Wednesday, Nov. 23, youth from the Piedmont Elementary Schools 1st grade got a break from the classroom for a new phy ed skating.
    For many of the kids, this was their first time on ice skates. They got this chance thanks to the efforts of both teachers and parents who wanted to put a new spin on keeping kids physically active.  The activity also included a surprise visit from UMD's mascot Champ who participated in the skating while affording many photo-ops. 
     Skates were furnished for those who didn't have them courtesy of the City of Duluth Parks & Recreation Department. The EDHC also chipped in, offering the ice free of charge.
     The kids thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity and it is expected that other schools may soon follow.

Sertie Scores Again!

 Duluth's most notable hockey player recently added another "trophy" to his collection...this time it's a world record!
     Mark Sertich, at the age of 93 years, 11 months and 27 days was recently acknowledged as the oldest hockey player ever  to play competitive hockey. Just 3 days prior to celebrating is 94th birthday, Sertie skated regular shifts with the Continental 75's,  a team that participated in the Snoopy's Senior World Hockey Tournament and by doing so, carved a niche in hockey history that may only be exceeded by Mark himself.
     Sertie appeared on national television during the outdoor hockey game between the Minnesota Wild and the Chicago Blackhawks. As a guest of the Wild, he was interviewed between periods by former Blackhawk Jeremy Roenick, who asked Mark why he wasn't playing golf like others many other senior former athletes. Sertie's response was that he had never played golf but "always intended to take up the sport when he was done playing hockey. He just hasn't got there yet!"
     Mark Sertich can usually be found 2 or 3 days a week participating in the 8 o'clock skate with those much younger than him. But, as the date for the 2016 Snoopy's tournament nears (July 17), he'll likely add a day or two to that schedule. 
     He wants to be in top skating form as he gets set to raise the age bar for hockey as a "life sport" even higher!