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We are now accepting applications for timekeepers & scorers for the upcoming high school & youth hockey seasons. This is a part time position requiring some knowledge of the sport of ice hockey.  Training is available. For additional information, please contact Shari by phone (218-464-1711; ext 106 or by email -


     The Adult Hockey Association of Minnesota (AHA) has announced that the dates for the 2016 Duluth Classic adult hockey tournament will be October 21-23.  Registrations for the event are now open for both teams and individuals who are looking for a team with which to play. For complete tournament information, please click on the "Tournaments" tab


Tom Kowalik & Tom Francisco "play" with skid steer machines as they remove the ice from Sill Arena. The use of the machines was donated by Northern Engine & Supply Co. and Twin Ports Aerial Service. The new ice surface is shown in the photos above

      It's been customary for our ice maintenance team to wait until the month of September to "turn the ice" on Sill Arena but this year, with all of our hockey camps taking off the week of July 4th, it provided a window of opportunity to remove the old ice and install a new sheet in July.  This means that when September comes, we'll be able to focus our attention on Seitz Arena, moving the turf and getting the ice ready for some early season hockey events.
     For who those skate for recreation, not much attention is paid o the condition of the ice but the best skaters are  "ice connoisseurs" who can readily distinguish good ice from bad. Quite often, we hear that the ice at the DHSC is as good as the best ice they've ever seen...anywhere. The credit for this goes to our talented and dedicated bunch of ice maintenance technicians who truly feel that "good enough" simply isn't good enough. They want our ice to be the best it can be and they work to make it that way.
 Tom Kowalik, Arena Manager, gives the lion's share of the credit to his crew. "Our Arena team has really bought in to what we're trying to do here with our ice.", he commented. "They understand the process and are willing to do whatever is necessary to keep the ice in peak condition."
Tom said that scheduling enough time to keep the ice maintained between events is also important. "We can work all night to get the ice in perfect condition but when it's used all day, we need time between events to provide proper resurfacing, especially when the older players are skating." he said. "It's also important that we all follow the same protocols when resurfacing the ice with the Zambonis."
To be sure that tenants share their opinion on the condition of the ice, Tom will be conducting random interviews with team coaches to obtain their comments. "We may be really proud of our work, but what really counts is what our customers think!"



     “There were so many stars on the ice that you could have turned the arena lights off and still needed sunglasses”.              
      That comment came from a fan as he was leaving Sill Arena after watching Team Bordson, led by team captain Rob Bordson, eke out a 3-2 overtime victory over Team Krause and its leader, Adam Krause, in the 2016 Heritage Summer Hockey Classic.
     44 current professional, collegiate and junior hockey players, including 4 women, gathered at the Essentia Duluth Heritage Center (EDHC) on Monday, June 27, to display their talents to raise money for the Ray Peterson Heritage Fund. The Fund helps financially challenged youth to participate in sporting activities or who aspire for higher educational opportunities or seek vocational training.
     The teams were coached by former UMD greats Keith “Huffer” Christiansen (Team Krause) and Pat Francisco (Team Bordson), but the team leaders were responsible for selecting the 22 player rosters. They made their selections from among the player pool using a draft process to keep the teams as equal as possible. The result was 50 minutes of up & down action, in a game with no body checking or slap shots. The contest ended in a 2-2 tie and it took three overtime periods before UMD’s  Ashleigh Briykaluik scored the game winner.
     The game protocol called for one overtime period, followed by a shootout but the teams decided that they wanted to keep playing until one of them emerged victorious. “We were having too much fun”, commented Bordson. “ No one wanted a game like this to end in a shootout and we were ready to play until one team won. Having four lines and 8 defense kept us from getting tired.”
     EDHC president Jerry DeMeo said he couldn’t recall the last time he enjoyed a hockey game so much. “These young people weren’t playing for job security.” commented DeMeo. “They were skating for the fun of it, taking chances, making fancy passes and otherwise making moves that might have gotten them benched in their normal roles. “
     The game was also a crowd-pleaser. The action was fast, the passing was accurate, with stellar defensive play and rock-solid goal tending.
     “This was probably the best collection of hockey talent that we’ll see on one sheet of ice in Duluth this year.” said DeMeo. “If you claim to be a hockey fan and  didn’t see this game, you really missed something!”

Sertie Scores Again!

 Duluth's most notable hockey player recently added another "trophy" to his collection...this time it's a world record!
     Mark Sertich, at the age of 93 years, 11 months and 27 days was recently acknowledged as the oldest hockey player ever  to play competitive hockey. Just 3 days prior to celebrating is 94th birthday, Sertie skated regular shifts with the Continental 75's,  a team that participated in the Snoopy's Senior World Hockey Tournament and by doing so, carved a niche in hockey history that may only be exceeded by Mark himself.
     Sertie appeared on national television during the outdoor hockey game between the Minnesota Wild and the Chicago Blackhawks. As a guest of the Wild, he was interviewed between periods by former Blackhawk Jeremy Roenick, who asked Mark why he wasn't playing golf like others many other senior former athletes. Sertie's response was that he had never played golf but "always intended to take up the sport when he was done playing hockey. He just hasn't got there yet!"
     Mark Sertich can usually be found 2 or 3 days a week participating in the 8 o'clock skate with those much younger than him. But, as the date for the 2016 Snoopy's tournament nears (July 17), he'll likely add a day or two to that schedule. 
     He wants to be in top skating form as he gets set to raise the age bar for hockey as a "life sport" even higher!


     The annual Heritage Tier 1 Boys Hockey Showcase was set to take place on October 21-23, 2016 but recently we learned that the North American Prospects Hockey League (NAPHL) has scheduled a league-wide event for those same dates. Several of our returning teams participate in the NAPHL and , to accommodate them, we've rescheduled the Heritage Tier 1 Boys Hockey Showcase to the weekend of October 14-16, 2016. 
     We always expect some of the best 16U and 18U teams from throughout the U.S and Canada and we trust that by eliminating the schedule conflict, we'll see them all back for our 2016 Showcase. We will accept eight (8) teams in each age classification, with a minimum four game guarantee, plus a championship & consolation round. All games will be played at the AMSOIL Arena, the DECC Arena and the Duluth Heritage Sports Center.
     Last year, the 16U championship was won by the Minnesota Blades after a close battle with Team Wisconsin. The Chicago Fury, coached by former UMD great Dennis Vaske, took home the 18U honors. Both are expected to return for this year's event.
     Invitations have been sent to prospective teams this week. For further information, please click on the "Tournaments" tab or  contact



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Adult Open Hockey "Firemen"
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Adult Open Hockey "Firemen"
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  • 26
Adult Open Skate
  • 10:30am-11:45am CDT Ical_event_icon
  • Duluth Heritage Sports Center
  •  Punch Cards are Available  See the office for details.  

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Open Hockey Duluth Fire Dept
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City of Duluth Open Skate
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