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Senior Lead Maintenance Technician -Full Time


The Senior Lead Maintenance Technician shall, in the absence of the Arena Manager,  perform the essential/fundamental work responsibilities as defined herein to supervise part-time associates, service customer’s needs, including ice surface maintenance, synthetic turf maintenance, locker room cleaning and other tasks to ensure that the playing surfaces, building & grounds are properly maintained prior to, during and after events.


  • Open/close the appropriate entrance doors and designated internal doors of the facility in accordance with established user schedule and security protocol.
  • Supervise the activities of part-time associates that may be working the same work shift and participate as required to assure that:
  • Communication devices such as walkie-talkies are always operational and that each associate working the shift has one available.
  • The ice/turf is ready for client use in accordance with established schedules & procedures. Be sure the appropriate equipment (nets, etc.) is in place for users.
  • The locker rooms are inspected for cleanliness prior to each use. Ensure that the locker room key is in place and that the waste receptacles are empty. Inspect restrooms and shower areas to be sure that the soap, towel and tissue dispensers are full and in operating condition.
  • The locker rooms are inspected after client’s departure. Be sure the key is in place. Ensure that all waste receptacles are empty and there is no debris on the locker room floor or in the restrooms. After ensuring that the locker room is again ready for use, lock the door.
  • When necessary, assist clients with locating their assigned locker rooms. In the event a locker room has not been designated, assign an available room.
  • Prior to games and/or tournaments, the scorer’s area is clean with an empty trash receptacle, the score board operations console is present and working, the PA system is functional and there are pens and other necessary supplies in this area. A walk-through the arenas is periodically made to clean up any waste that may have been deposited in       the arena by spectators or users and to determine  if any arena waste receptacles need service.
  • Prior to closing, Giuliani Hall is clean, the restrooms and the trash receptacles have been serviced.
  • Report to the Arena Manager any non-operating equipment or appliances. Attend to any lights that may need replacement in the arena, locker rooms and restrooms.
  • In the absence of the Arena Manager, prepare work assignments and schedules for part time associates.
  • Perform other duties as may be assigned from time to time by Arena Manager


Must have some extensive experience with ice resurfacing, edging and other ice maintenance techniques.

Must have some knowledge of the types of sporting events that would use both ice and indoor turf.

Must have communicative skills, both written and oral, in the English language.Must have a valid Minnesota vehicle operator’s license.

Should have some experience supervising the work activities of others.

Ice resurfacing technician certification is desirable.

Should have some experience in the care & cleaning of building interiors.

Should have basic mechanical skills and able to work with small hand tools.

Computer skills, with experience in word processing and spreadsheets, a basic knowledge of carpentry, painting, plumbing & electricity and general first-aid knowledge are desirable.

Physical/Environmental Demands:

  • This position requires the majority of the work day spent either standing or walking. Climbing of stairs, ladders, and other objects is often required, along with movements such as bending, kneeling, stooping and reaching.
  • Working conditions include exposure to heat, cold, fumes, and noise.
  • Some lifting and carrying is required with weights of objects ranging from ten (10) to one hundred (100) pounds.
  • Good sensory skills are important (sight, hearing, and speech).


  • Typical weekday hours will be between 2:30 PM and 11:00 PM, Tuesday thru Friday. Saturday hours will typically be between 6:00 AM and 2:30 PM. Sunday and Monday are days off.  All work schedules permit two 15 minute breaks during the shift, with 30 minutes off the clock for lunch/dinner break.  Must be willing to occasionally work a flexible schedule.
  • This is a non-exempt position, paying an hourly wage, with standard benefits package.  
    $12-$15 an hour depending on experience. 
  • Send resume to